BJP leader criticised for 'Pakistan remark'

Politicians condemn opposition leader Giriraj Singh for his remarks that people opposing Narendra Modi are pro-Pakistan.

    BJP leader criticised for 'Pakistan remark'
    BJP president Rajnath Singh has asked his fellow party man to refrain from making such remarks [EPA]

    Indian politicians have criticised leader of the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, Giriraj Singh, after his remarks that there was no place for people in the country who oppose BJP's prime ministerail candidate Narendra Modi.

    "If you read the language which is being used, it is nothing but a threat to divide the country, a threat to a particular community and creation of another partition," secretary of legal department of ruling Congress party, KC Mittal, said on Sunday.

    "They (Bharatiya Janata Party) are fanning that, they are provoking people for the same and always. The people of the country understand their real face otherwise; perhaps, the history will not excuse us."

    The BJP leader, on Saturday triggered the controversy after saying that people opposing Modi have political Mecca-Medina in Pakistan and do not want India to stand united.

    "People who are trying to stop Narendra Modi are pro-Pakistan. I feel that people of the nation are critically observing things. There is no place for people in India who oppose Modi," said Singh, while addressing a rally in Bokaro city in eastern Jharkhand state.

    Singh, who is also a BJP candidate from Nawada constituency in eastern Bihar state, drew ire from political leaders.

    Even the BJP president Rajnath Singh criticised Giriraj Singh for his statement and reportedly asked him to refrain from making such remarks.

    Hate speech?

    Earlier, the Election Commission (EC) of India had banned a minister from northern Uttar Pradesh, Azam Khan, for making hate speeches during campaigning.

    Meanwhile, leader of India's regional Janata Dal-United (JD-U), KC Tyagi maintained that the Commission's inability generates such hate speeches repeatedly.

    "This kind of situation is created due to lack of stability and promptness of Election Commission. Every day, there are hate speeches, voters are threatened and I have a complaint that Election Commission is not able to carry out investigations in the way it should be carried out," he said.

    The BJP is forecast to emerge as the clear leader after five-week general election that ends on May 12. Results are due on May 16.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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