Indian police have arrested two men in connection with the robbery and gang-rape of a Danish national in the capital New Delhi.

Police arrested two young men on Wednesday over the rape of the 51-year-old tourist and recovered a mobile phone, cash and iPad that the woman was robbed off.

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Police have recovered garments belonging to the woman from the arrested men.

Police had earlier detained suspects on Tuesday over the rape of the tourist who was visiting Delhi for a week based on her complaint. They were described as “vagabonds”.

The tourist who was staying in Paharganj, Delhi’s popular locality for foreigners to stay, had lost her way and was accosted by a group of young men in the busy area near the New Delhi Railway Station who later raped her.

She had made her complaint to the police after contacting the Danish embassy. She left the country on Wednesday.

Rising reports of violence

There have been rising reports of rapes across the country, both Indian and foreign nationals. On January 2, a Polish woman was reportedly raped on her way to Delhi from Mathura in a cab.

In December last year a German on a yoga camp in Goa was raped by her instructor.

In March last year a Swiss woman was robbed and raped at her holiday camp in the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

A Chinese woman was raped following a party in Delhi in February last year.

On December 2012 the brutal gang-rape of a medical student in Delhi had led to a swell of protests across the country. The girl died some days later.

Source: Al Jazeera