Seven sentenced to death in Egypt

Seven men given death sentence for the killing of 25 policemen in Sinai peninsula.

    Seven sentenced to death in Egypt

    An Egyptian court has sentenced to death seven men, including well-known fighter Adel Habara, for killing 25 policemen last year in an attack in Sinai near the border with Israel, judicial sources said.

    The attack took place in August 2013, six weeks after the military ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, and days after hundreds of his supporters were killed when police broke up their protest camps in Cairo. 

    The violence was part of a spike in attacks by armed groups against security forces and military personnel, who were seen as targeting Islamists.

    Saturday's ruling came after the Grand Mufti endorsed the sentence.

    Those sentenced were accused of stopping minibuses carrying the victims, forcing them to get off and then shooting them. 



    SOURCE: Agencies


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