A controversial satirical show of Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef has been taken off air after being accused of violating editorial policies.

A private Egyptian TV station stopped airing the latest episode of a widely popular political satire programme after it came under fire for mocking the ultranationalist, pro-mililtary ruling of the country.

Minutes before the weekly pre-recorded "El-Bernameg" show was to air on Friday, CBC announced that it would not be shown, because Youssef and his producer violated its editorial policies.

Youssef left to the United Arab Emirates on Friday.

The move to end the show came only days after Youssef returned to air from a 4-month absence and predicted in an article that he would continue to be pursued legally by his new critics "who allegedly love freedom dearly - when it works in their favour."

Last week Egypt's top prosecutor ordered an investigation into a complaint that Youssef harmed national interests by ridiculing the country's military in his TV show.

Statement by the chief prosecutor's office said Youssef was accused of disturbing the peace, harming public interests, creating chaos, sowing sedition and threatening social security and peace.

Source: Agencies