Iraqi peshmerga fighters cross into Kobane
Ten vehicles carrying Kurdish peshmerga fighters, armed with heavy weapons, push into the ISIL-besieged border town.
Blaise Compaore reportedly seen by witnesses at Ivory Coast hotel, less than 24 hours after being forced from power.
Assault launched overnight, residents say, after rise in attacks on soldiers and a declaration of a state of emergency.
Boko Haram chief denies ceasefire claim and says kidnapped schoolgirls have converted to Islam and married.
Fighters from al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front drive Western-backed rebels out of their bastion in Idlib province.
Special envoy David Nabarro talks to Al Jazeera about the United Nations' role in fighting the spread of Ebola.
Families and human rights workers question if high-profile disappearances will bring overdue investigations and answers.
Kavitha Chekuru
Hundreds of the country's reporters eke out a living by finding news - then burying it for a price.
An estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food is lost or wasted annually as 800 million people go hungry.
In the weeks before violent protests, some Burkinabes' thoughts turned to slain leader Thomas Sankara for inspiration.
Successive governments in India have failed to prosecute those responsible for killings of about 3,000 people in 1984.
Iraq struggles to cope with its displaced population amid a financial crisis and lack of adequate funding by aid groups.
Jane Arraf
Latin American nation of six million has one of the highest rates of sexual violence against girls in the world.
Special series01 Nov 2014 09:31 GMT
When big pharma blocks essential HIV/AIDS medication to the third world, it is the poor who suffer.
Special series30 Oct 2014 20:22 GMT
Al Jazeera investigates the shocking truth behind a deadly Israeli attack on a US naval vessel.
Deadly floods in Indian-administered Kashmir destroyed thousands of books detailing the region's rich history.
Despite its name, the traditional Amazigh gathering in Morocco is not designed for wedding ceremonies.
Syrian refugees at Zaatari camp turn to gardening to make a difference.
Communist country is often described as the Hermit Kingdom, but government minders like to show a different side.
Brazil becomes the first country in South America to launch battery-powered public buses to deal with air pollution.
Military campaign in northern region takes toll on pine nut growers and traders in country known for producing staple.
Major clean-up under way to decrease level of smog before major economic conference in Beijing next week.
Report into Rochdale abuse finds child sexual exploitation has become "social norm" in some areas of Greater Manchester.
Hundreds of houses blown up and thousands evicted in bid to protect border after spike in unrest in Sinai region.
Severe flooding, sparked by torrential rains, has wreaked havoc in the Buenos Aires province.
Hundreds of Syrian Kurds seeking shelter in Iraqi Kurdistan face a bleak future in 'tent cities'.
Muhammad Ali and George Foreman's historic fight in Kinshasa, 40-years-ago, continues to inspire boxers today.
Al Jazeera profiles what lies ahead for a country in transition, struggling to decide the democracy it should become.
Mobile phone companies are all vying for market share in India, with 1.2 billion people.
Compared to other diseases, Ebola is not especially contagious - but has a far higher fatality rate and no proven cure.
Pinpointing military and humanitarian aid from nations in the international struggle against the armed group.
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