Iraqi soldiers killed in bomb blast

Two patrol guards dead and college students injured after explosion in Baghdad.

    Students and soldiers were also injured in the blast near Baghdad University [AFP]


    Meanwhile, Iraqi authorities continue a manhunt for an MP accused of involvement in an April 2007 bombing of parliament after his immunity was lifted and he was prevented from fleeing to Jordan.

    "Mohammed al-Daini is on the run but we are after him because the arrest warrant is now valid," the spokesman for Baghdad's military security command, General Qassem Atta, said.

    MPs voted to lift Daini's parliamentary immunity on Wednesday, just hours after he was barred from flying out to Amman from Baghdad airport, where he was refused an exit stamp at passport control.

    Daini, who has insisted he is innocenct, was not arrested at the airport as he still had parliamentary immunity at the time.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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