Israel arrests West Bank activists

Raid on refugee camp comes amid standoff between fighters and Palestinian forces.

    Israel maintains control of the West Bank despite deployment of Palestinian security men [Gallo/Getty]

    Palestinian officials said at least 25 people were arrested, but Israeli forces said just eight are being held.
    Al-Titi reported that Israeli forces had bombed the house of Hani al-Kaabi, a "wanted" Palestinian activist in Balata refugee camp, and were holding wife of Nasir Abu Aziz, another "wanted" activist.
    The West Bank, governed by the Palestinian Fatah faction, has been under Israeli miltary occupation since 1967.
    Meanwhile, in the Hamas-controlled Palestinian territory of Gaza, a funeral for a dead fighter turned violent when Hamas men opened fire at supporters of the rival Islamic Jihad faction, leaving one person dead, medical officials said.
    The Hamas men began shooting after Islamic Jihad members threw stones at a Hamas police station during the funeral of the Islamic Jihad fighter, witnesses said.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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