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"Let the people of Iraq vote if they want the US to stay or leave"

Bob Kaye, Bohemia, US

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Another US soldier was killed by small arms fire in Diyala province.


A roadside bomb meanwhile exploded next to a US military vehicle killing another soldier in the northern province of Nineveh.


The military also announced the death of a soldier on Tuesday in Baghdad from a roadside bomb.


The US military said it anticipated it would suffer more casualties when it launched a security crackdown three months ago, pouring thousands of extra troops into Baghdad and other areas.


The crackdown is seen as a last-ditch attempt to drag Iraq back from the brink of all-out sectarian civil war between Shia and Sunni armed groups.


The announcements came after the US congress approved $95 bn in new funds for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without any timetable for withdrawing troops.