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"From outside Lebanon it's very easy to condemn the Lebanese army and government for what they are doing against Fatah-al-Islam"

Rabih, Mansourieh El Metn, Lebanon

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"The explosive charge was placed in a small suitcase near the entrance of a residential building," the security official told the AFP news agency.

Police officials said a bomb had gone off just metres away from the main government building.

The blast damaged several buildings and shops along the street, which was immediately cordoned off by police.

The first explosion struck Beirut's Christian district of Ashrafiyeh on Sunday night, killing one woman, and the second occurred in Verdun, a predominately Sunni Muslim quarter of the capital, on Monday wounding 10 people.

A faxed statement purportedly from Fatah al-Islam claimed the group had carried out the first two bombings, but a spokesman later denied any involvement.