Many dead in Baghdad market blasts

More than 18 people are killed in a bomb attack and two US aircraft crash near the capital.

    Eight helicopters have been shot down
    in a month-long period [AFP]

    Helicopters down


    Meanwhile, two US military helicopters crashed north of Baghdad, killing two soldiers and injuring five, the US military said.


    In a statement, the US military said it appeared the incident was caused by a mid-air collision and not an attack.


    The military gave no information on the type of helicopters involved in the crash near a large US air base in Taji and said an investigation was under way.


    Fighters shot down eight helicopters during a month-long period earlier this year, killing 28 people, mainly American soldiers. Six of those aircraft were US military helicopters and the other two belonged to a private American security company.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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