Saudi warns 'interfering' Iran

King Abdullah says 'Shia proselytism' in the region will not 'achieve its goal'.

    Larijani, right, visited Riyadh this month to reassure Saudi Arabia over Iran's nuclear programme [AFP]

    King Abdullah also said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be solved by "Arabs alone".
    "We don't want anyone to trade in our issues and become stronger through them," he said.
    Larijani visited Riyadh this month to seek help with Washington and reassure Saudi Arabia over Iran's nuclear programme.
    The US, which sees Saudi Arabia as an important ally in the region, has accused Iran of intending to make a nuclear weapon. A charge Iran denies.
    The US also says Iran is "interfering" in Iraq by backing Shia military groups in the country and criticises Tehran for backing Lebanon's Hezbollah, a Shia group which is leading a move to topple Lebanon's government.
    Iran is known to support Hamas, the ruling Palestinian party and a largely Sunni organisation.
    Hamas has refused to recognise Israel and has been shunned by Western governments.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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