Iran union leader released

The EU had expressed concern over the arrest of Mansour Ossanlou.

    Ossanlou was reportedly held at
    the Evin prison [EPA]

    After the protest, Ossanlou was fired by the bus company along with 1,000 co-workers.


    He complained several times that his dismissal was illegal and tried to return to his job.


    Masoud Bastani, an Iranian journalist who has been following the case, told Reuters last week that Ossanlou's bail had been set at $33,000 in addition to the $164,000 he had to pay for his earlier release.


    The UN expressed "serious concern" on Tuesday over a long list of human rights abuses attributed to Iran and urged Tehran to ensure full respect for those rights.


    The resolution expressed the assembly's "serious concern" at Tehran's "harassment, intimidation and persecution" of human rights champions, interest groups, political opponents, religious dissenters, journalists, parliamentarians, students, clerics, academics, internet bloggers and labour union members.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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