Middle East
Maher Abdul-Hafiz Hajjar, believed to represent Aleppo governate in parliament, to challenge Assad, state media says.
Resumption of aid suspended last year will help "counter-terrorism" operations in Sinai Peninsula, Pentagon says.
Rights group condemns forced labour and exploitation, citing "shocking testimonies" in 2022 World Cup host nation.
State Department confirms indications of use of toxic industrial chemical in Kfar Zeita town in Hama province.
More than 66,000 Iraqi families have been displaced by fighting that first broke out in December 2013 in Anbar province.
Barred from accessing Jerusalem, Palestinian-Christians marked Easter holiday with a joyous parade in Ramallah.
One of the most influential Iraqi Sunni clerics explains why his followers are fighting the government in Baghdad.
21 Apr 2014 06:49 GMTWitness
An inside look at the tunnels under Gaza and the men who risk their lives to bring in essential supplies.
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