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Anti-Arab incitement grips Israel
The sharp rise in racially motivated attacks compounds the hardships facing Palestinians in Israel.
Diplomats say talks on Tehran's nuclear programme will resume next year after negotiators fail to clinch final deal.
Aided by Shia armed groups and Peshmerga forces, Iraqi troops launch biggest operation against ISIL since June.
The bill that defines country as "Jewish state" now heads towards parliamentary vote in a blow to Israeli Arabs.
At least 31 people washed away and dozens missing as storm hits southern part of the north African country.
Who are the 27 candidates running for President?
Recent violence in the holy city finds roots in Israel's policy of 'collective punishment', critics say.
18 Nov 2014 15:59 GMTSpecial series
One hundred years after the Ottomans joined the war, this three-part series tells the story from an Arab perspective.
21 Nov 2014 20:26 GMTInside Story
Shia opposition groups refuse to take part in parliamentary polls in Sunni-ruled island kingdom.
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