Sweden calls off planned snap elections
Move follows deal with opposition that would allow coalition of Social Democrats and Greens to continue in power.
Five people injured after suspected arsonist set fire to building used as mosque in town of Eskilstuna, police say.
Pope Francis condemns ISIL and other groups in his Christmas message for 'brutal persecution' of religious minorities.
Amid rising inflation, President Vladimir Putin says high prices encourage production of bootleg spirits.
Parliament passes amendment renouncing non-aligned status, angering Russia which slammed the move as counterproductive.
Prime minister announces deployment of up to 300 troops following three attacks on police and pedestrians.
Princess Cristina, the king's sister, to be tried along with her husband for alleged embezzlement of funds.
European Court of Justice says obesity can be equated with disability if it interferes with people's professional lives.
Politician claims he was offered at least $2.5m to vote in favour of government's presidential candidate.
Russia leader tries to quell fears of economic collapse and vows rapid recovery from worst financial crisis of his rule.
President Putin faces major economic crisis as massive interest hike fails to kick-start Russia's currency.
05 Oct 2014 19:21 GMT
Twenty-five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, why is European democracy in flux?
28 Sep 2014 15:32 GMT
A Listening Post special on the 'Snowden effect' and challenges to the media in the age of state supervision.
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