Dozens killed in Kenya bus attack
At least 28 passengers executed by suspected al-Shabab fighters after bus travelling to capital Nairobi is ambushed.
Opposition group vows to boycott first election since a 2011 uprising was crushed by the Gulf nation's Sunni rulers.
New York Times says Obama has given hushed green light for Pentagon to continue Afghanistan mission for at least a year.
Major offensive under way in capital of Anbar, where only a few small areas of province remain under government control.
Palestinian president warns of turning political conflict into religious one as clashes erupt across occupied West Bank.
Historic grant of work authorisation for undocumented migrants a game changer for the American labour market.
E. Tammy Kim
While hosting the World Internet Conference, China tries Tiananmen activist for leaking 'state secrets' to US website.
Many of the 4,300 Sri Lankan Tamils now in Malaysia continue to live in the shadow of their country's civil war.
Amid historic drought in the US state, thieves are diverting water from tanks, wells and streams.
Haya El Nasser
Presidential candidate Slim Riahi's drive to expand his political influence through money and media has drawn criticism.
Pakistani military has claimed 'complete control' over the region, but the bloodshed continues.
Who are the 27 candidates running for President?
While they will support local troops on front lines, US personnel will only fight in self-defence, Iraqi officials say.
Head to Head21 Nov 2014 20:29 GMT
Iraq's former National Security Adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie debates ISIL strategy, sectarianism, and the nation's crisis.
Al Jazeera Correspondent20 Nov 2014 17:23 GMT
We explore the impact of our modern obsession with one of the world's oldest physical and spiritual practices.
Authorities in Dongguan city have attempted to eradicate the world's oldest profession, but it still survives.
Recent violence in the holy city finds roots in Israel's policy of 'collective punishment', critics say.
Tosa Maidan in India-administered Kashmir cleared of shells used by army in drills, but victims await compensation.
Mount Nyiragongo is reopening to the public, allowing visitors to climb the peak and see the world's biggest lava lake.
Meal time across Tokyo public schools is an event, not just an opportunity to fill the stomach.
Interim President Michel ?Kafando officially takes over from Colonel Isaac Zida, who briefly ruled after military coup.
Hundreds of wordsmiths have turned out for the Scrabble world championships in London.
Kidnapping of general by FARC rebels brings into focus plight of people in the poor region of Choco.
Tunisians on Sunday will vote to elect a new president from a field of multiple candidates.
Gender experts say birth simulator is a welcome development as men are not often involved in labour process.
Practice seen as an intrusion on the private lives of female police recruits who have to undergo virginity tests.
Experts say poaching is on the rise and that it is is undermining efforts to stop the killing of the endangered species.
A photographic exploration of the power of yoga to unite people across cultural and physical divides.
Who are the 27 candidates running for President?
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Compared to other diseases, Ebola is not especially contagious - but has a far higher fatality rate and no proven cure.
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