Greece's parliament has elected pro-European conservative Prokopis Pavlopoulos as the country's new president, after he received support from the new left-wing government and main centre-right opposition party.

Pavlopoulos' election on Wednesday ends an impasse over the presidential selection that triggered early general elections last month.

A staunch pro-European, Pavlopoulos was elected to the largely honorary post by 233 votes in the 300-seat chamber.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Pavlopoulos had "a proven democratic sensitivity, a high feeling of national conscience, and... enjoys broad approval in society and parliament."

The former minister and expert in public law was put forward for the post in a bid to draw much-needed cross party support as debt-laden Greece races to negotiate a new loan deal with its international creditors.

In January, the radical left party, Syriza, swept to power, promising to end years of painful austerity policies after winning 149 seats in the 300-seat parliament.

Source: Agencies