Approximately 1,000 locals have surrounded a Russian consulate and military base in Armenia, demanding the handover to authorities of a Russian soldier suspected of murdering six family members and stabbing a six-month-old baby.

The protest took place on Wednesday in the city of Gyumri, the second largest city in Armenia, which is Russia's staunchest ally in the Caucasus region.

Armenian police cordoned off the Russian base and deployed a heavy contingent of forces through the city.

Armenian officials suspect Valery Permyakov, Russian soldier, of shooting dead six members of the local Avetisyan family, including a two-year-old, on Monday.

The only family member to survive the massacre was a six-month-old baby, who suffered stab wounds.

A Kalashnikov assault rifle was found at the victims' home along with the suspect's military boots bearing his name.

Armenia's general prosecutor said after the murders that Permyakov - who was arrested by Russian border guards and taken back to the Russian base in Gyumri when he tried to escape - cannot be surrendered to Armenia because he is a Russian citizen in Russian jurisdiction.

Russia offered condolences and assistance in the investigation.

Source: Agencies