Campaigners push for 'conflict-free' phones

Efforts under way to ensure that phones are not made with metals mined in conflict-ridden countries.

    A huge number of phones and electronic items are made with metals from mines in conflict-ridden countries, but campaigners in Europe are looking to end this trade.

    Like conflict diamonds, conflict minerals are mined in some of the most violent and corrupt places in the world such as the Democratic Republic of Congo where five million people have died over 10 years.

    Without the money made from mining gold, tungsten and tantalum there would be far fewer weapons in the conflict.

    While in the US there is a law that demands manufacturers show proof of where their metals come from, there is no rule in the European Union. But Intel has promised a conflict-free supply by 2016 and another social enterprise group Fairphone has started making its own conflict-free phones.

    Al Jazeera's Tim Friend reports from Amsterdam.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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