Canadian mafia members' bodies found in Italy

Two Sicilian suspects arrested after police find two Canadians, including mafia boss, dumped in waste dump in Sicily.

    Canadian mafia members' bodies found in Italy

    The bodies of a high-ranking Canadian mafia boss and of another Canadian have been found in a waste dump in the Sicilian countryside, Italian police have said.

    Two Sicilian brothers have been arrested in connection with the killings.

    Police said that Juan Ramon Fernandez and Fernando Pimentel were hit by at least 30 bullets, when ambushed in a rural area near Casteldaccia, in western Sicily.

    Fernandez, of Spanish origin, is thought to have been a prominent member of Toronto's Rizzuto clan.

    He had moved to Sicily in June 2012 after being expelled from Canada after a 10-years prison term.

    Police, who were monitoring his activities as part of an investigation into ties between Canadian and Sicilian mafia, had last seen Fernandez on April 9.

    Two alleged Sicilian mafia members, brothers Pietro and Salvatore Scaduto, also believed to be connected with the Canadian Rizzuto clan, were arrested for the double murder.

    Police think the order to kill Fernandez and Pimentel may have come from Canada, since Fernandez had declined to
    take sides in a mafia war between his boss Vito Rizzuto and breakaway boss Raynald Desjardin, a statement said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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