Algerian military plane crashes in France

Military cargo plane carrying at least six people crashes in a forest clearing near southern town of Trelans.

    An Algerian military cargo plane believed to be carrying six people en route from Paris to Algiers has crashed in a mountainous region of southern France, officials have said.

    About 60 firefighters were at the scene of the accident in a forest clearing near the town of Trelans, the fire service said, without providing any details on the cause of the crash or the number of victims.

    The aircraft was still on fire an hour after it crashed around 15:00 GMT.

    The plane carried five military personnel and one official of the Algerian national bank, the Algerian defence ministry said.

    The top government official in the Lozere region has travelled to the scene and a crisis cell has been set up, officials said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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