Russia's Kasparov grilled over biting claim

Ex-world chess champion and activist accused of biting policeman during his detention at pro-Pussy Riot protest.

    Russia's Kasparov grilled over biting claim
    Kasparov was detained during a protest in support of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot [Reuters]

    Former world chess champion turned opposition leader Garry Kasparov has faced police questioning after he was detained at a protest during the Pussy Riot trial and accused of biting a policeman.

    Kasparov, the former chess grandmaster and anti-Vladimir Putin activist, denies the claims he was questioned about on Monday. He faces charges of assaulting a police officer, but has reportedly said he will file a counter suit.

    He was detained on Friday as he was rallying in support of the feminist punk band outside the Moscow court where members were sentenced to two years in prison.

    Video of the incident showed a group of policemen grabbing Kasparov and tossing him into a bus.

    Kasparov says he is planning to file a complaint against his detention and a libel case against his accuser.

    He said outside police headquarters after questioning Monday that he submitted videos of his arrest that prove his innocence "beyond a reasonable doubt". 

    Kasparov was one of nearly 100 people detained at the protest.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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