Obama vows more strikes on ISIL in Syria
US president says combined operation targeting the armed group in Syria shows the US is not fighting alone.
Teenager stabbed two officers repeatedly before being shot dead while attending interview at Melbourne police station.
Syria accuses Israel of siding with rebels after one of its aircraft is destroyed over Golan Heights.
Nations sign non-binding targets to reduce global warming, including billions of dollars to help developing nations.
Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi alleges foreign conspiracy and pledges to restore state authority in the capital city of Sanaa.
Orbiter, dubbed 'Mangalyaan', expected to enter planet's orbit to study atmosphere and look for presence of methane.
Solomon Islands has seen temperatures surge, and female farmers are struggling to provide food for families.
More than 400 gaming dens operate on native lands, but critics say social ills and inequality stack the deck.
The Palestinian president is expected to address the UN with a new proposal for the creation of a Palestinian state.
Aboriginals are in the front-line battle against fossil-fuel extraction, including pipelines such as Keystone.
Kaelyn Forde
Nearly 1,200 aboriginal females have been killed or disappeared over 30 years with little justice served, critics say.
Ethnic violence has wracked China's restive Xinjiang region, leading to a tight government clampdown.
Malay artists revitalise the art of puppeteering by fusing tradition with modern characters such as Darth Vader.
Rebel Architecture23 Sep 2014 16:30 GMT
Informal builder Ricardo de Oliviera struggles with the government's plan for the future of Rio's Rocinha favela.
Talk to Al Jazeera20 Sep 2014 19:18 GMT
The Nigerian musician - son of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti - on what inspires and frustrates him about his country today.
Rebels held their position in the capital, celebrating their advance while continuing to raid their rivals' buildings.
Photographer Kabir Dhanji revisits the people he met inside Westgate Mall during the attack on September 21, 2013.
More than 500 people have been killed in the contested city, where a shaky ceasefire holds.
Less than a week after the category three storm hit Baja California, Tropical Storm Polo narrowly misses the peninsula.
Midland, the 128th busiest airport in the US, singled out as centre for the future of civilian space travel.
Armed group fighting ISIL forces had long-called for the US to begin airstrikes against fighters in Syria.
School in country's south struggles to integrate undocumented children and provide them with opportunities.
The UN claims the number of Syrian refugees has now reached three million, with many fleeing through unofficial means.
Doctors warn that thousands of displaced people are under threat of disease as many become ill in temporary camps.
African Union troops in Central African Republic accused by locals of killing missing civilians.
As armed groups spread violence across Iraq, National Symphony and Baghdad's Youth Orchestra unite to keep the music on.
Joko Widodo says planned fuel subsidy cuts aim to redirect investment in infrastructure and improve economy.
Ethnic violence has wracked China's restive Xinjiang region, leading to a tight government clampdown.
Separatist movements in Spain, Belgium and Italy may face headwinds following Scotland's decision to stay in the UK.
An in-depth look at the human and monetary costs of the longest-running war in US history.
Take an immersive look at the challenges facing the war-torn country as US troops begin their withdrawal.
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