No news of hostage after Mali raid

French-backed Mauritanian raid gives no news of the French hostage taken by al-Qaeda.

    French defence ministry said it could not find signs of life or death of Germaneau [AFP] 

    "We have no proof of life or death of Michel Germaneau," the French source said.

    Earlier on Saturday, a military source in Nouakchott said  Mauritanian troops were continuing their raid inside Malian territory against members of an Al-Qaeda affiliated group.

    "Combing and tracking operations are continuing against the al-Qaeda terrorist camps and we have been able to seize a new arsenal of weapons, explosives and ammunition," the source said.

    The armed group gave France a deadline until next week to arrange a prisoner exchange or it would kill the hostage.

    The retired engineer Germaneau, 76, was captured in northern Niger on April 22.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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