Deaths in Turkey wedding attack

Turkish media reports up to 41 killed and three wounded in incident.

    NTV said the motive for the attack was an feud between rival groups of pro-government village guards who fight alongside Turkish troops against Kurdish fighters but this has not yet been confirmed.

    Anita McNaught, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Istanbul, said, that the use of grenades and Kalashnikovs seem to be because the people involved were village guards - local militia who in the past have been allowed to be heavily armed in order to fight the PKK, the Kurdish group there.

    "This may be a situation where a local feud has resulted in these weapons being used on their own people ... it is too soon to say definitively what is going on exactly," she said.

    "The areas has been sealed off and we understand that it is impossible to get anywhere near the village."

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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