Many feared dead in Nigeria mosque blasts
At least two cars blow up outside central mosque in city of Kano as residents gathered for Friday prayers.
Thousands rally in Cairo heeding to call by Salafist Front, as two senior army officers are killed by unknown gunmen.
Thirteen suspects arrested in raids on homes, prayer rooms and mosques for trying to recruit fighters.
Avigdor Lieberman says he favours providing economic incentives for Arab-Israelis to leave the country.
Foreign minister sets two-year deadline to break impasse as MPs debate motion to recognise Palestine.
Voters head to the ballots as parliamentary elections come to its final round as 34 seats remain to be contested.
Remnants of deadly demonstrations to be displayed in a new museum, a year after protests pushed president out of power.
Thai investigation into British tourist murders criticised as inadequate with some suggesting a cover-up.
An estimated 30,000 people, mostly Syrian war refugees, are expected to cross into Greece this year.
Farmers have suffered losses as high as 67 percent in crop production while valley became a no-go area for tourists.
Vice President Mujuru's committee ouster signals factional power-play as president's 91st birthday approaches.
Official government document reveals undocumented Rohingya could be put in temporary camps, then sent back to Myanmar.
Nigel O'Connor
New government report fails to address allegations of torture complicity and MI5 harassment of Lee Rigby's killer.
101 East28 Nov 2014 10:32 GMT
China's jade obsession drives a multi-billion dollar black market that fuels a drug-infested jade mining industry.
Al Jazeera Correspondent28 Nov 2014 14:20 GMT
Through the story of one immigrant family, we explore the evolution of racism and migration in the US.
Festival where thousands of animals are slaughtered every five years is considered to be one of largest in the world.
A community lives with the constant threat of displacement and the demolition of its only school.
Peaceful demonstration quickly turned violent after a grand jury decision cleared white officer of killing black teen.
Paying the price: Tatars detained, interrogated, and harassed after Russia's annexation of Crimea.
Many have died and thousands left homeless after Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces manage to push back ISIL fighters.
Crackdown on corruption in China and fewer high-spending mainlanders means takings are down in the gambling hub.
Clock known as Big Ben and French poet Arthur Rimbaud's house just two of Aden's many buildings badly in need of repair.
China's jade obsession fuels multi-billion dollar black market, as officials linked to smuggling trade.
Meeting in Vienna focuses on the declining prices of crude and whether to raise or maintain members' oil output ceiling.
Racial divide widens under Obama administration as protests erupt in several cities over fatal shooting of black teen.
Gynaecologist receives prestigious Sakharov Prize in Strasbourg for treating thousands of victims of sexual assault.
Thousands of Pakistanis who crossed border amid army offensive fear already harsh conditions in camps are set to worsen.
A photographic exploration of the power of yoga to unite people across cultural and physical divides.
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Compared to other diseases, Ebola is not especially contagious - but has a far higher fatality rate and no proven cure.

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