Clashes also took place inside Turkey on Friday and the General Staff said two soldiers had been killed in the mountainous province of Sirnak, which borders Iraq.
Military sources said one of the killed troops held the rank of a major.
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"We have fighters in the area but they are not concentrated in a single place. This is why we do not have any casualties," Ahmed Danees, a PKK spokesman, told Reuters by telephone in northern Iraq.
The Turkish military staged an eight-day incursion into northern Iraq in February against the PKK, which uses the neighbouring country as a base from which to launch attacks on Turkey.
Ankara blames the Kurdish group for the deaths of 40,000 people since 1984, when the group first took up arms in order to carve out an ethnic homeland in southeast Turkey.
The United States and the European Union, along with Turkey, have labeled the PKK a "terrorist" organisation.