Gas explosion hits Russia apartment

Blast destroys residential building in Kazan, 700km east of Moscow, killing eight.

    The rescue work took place on Wednesday in
    Kazan's icy subzero environment [EPA]

    'Huge bang'
    Television pictures showed emergency rescue workers and machinery searching for survivors in the smouldering rubble of the apartment building as shocked locals looked on.
    A witness from a nearby apartment told Russia's Channel One television: "A huge bang woke me up and glass began to shower down on me. I went onto the balcony and I heard screaming. Everything was on fire."
    A woman who lived in the building told the Russian Vesti-24 television station: "We found our grandmother but we are still missing our grandfather and our seven-year-old girl."
    The explosion happened shortly after midnight on Wednesday.
    Such incidents have become commonplace in Russia's ageing apartment buildings.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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