Many dead in Turkey factory blast

The toll is expected to rise as people were still trapped under the rubble.

    The governor of Istanbul ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack [Reuters]
    Mehmet Bakar, the head of Istanbul's health department, said: "There are 17 dead ... Forty injured people were hospitalised and three of them are in serious condition." 

    The blast at a five-storey building in the Davutpasa area, on Istanbul's European shore, was believed to be have been accidental.

    Cause unknown 

    Muammer Guler, the governor of Istanbul, ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack.

    However, Guler said the cause of the explosion was not known and that the building housed several companies, including a denim bleacher, paint and yarn manufacturers and an allegedly unlicenced fireworks workshop.

    According to a medical worker at the scene, the explosion occured in the furnace room of a textile company.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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