Three arrested for Madrid bomb link

Spanish police detain two Moroccans and one Spaniard on instruction of trial court.

    The three arrested men are believed to have links to those accused of the Madrid train bombings [AFP]

    Trial continues


    The arrests come as the trial continues of 29 people accused of participating in Spain's worst terrorist attack. The court trying the men ordered Thursday's arrests.


    Juan del Olmo, an anti-terror specialist judge, has so far indicted 29 people for bombings - 15 Moroccans, nine Spaniards, two Syrians, one Egyptian, one Algerian and one Lebanese.


    On Wednesday, a judicial source said DNA testing had linked a Moroccan man currently jailed in his homeland to the bombings.


    Del Olmo believes the man, Abdelilah Hriz, is a "material author" of the attacks and that he was involved in trafficking the explosives used to blow up the trains.


    He also believes Hriz was a member of the radical cell based in Madrid which carried out the attacks.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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