Serb parliament rejects Kosovo plan

Boris Tadic, Serbia's president, attacks UN plans to make Kosovo autonomous.

    Serbian politicians have reacted angrily to UN plans to give Kosovo virtual independence [AFP]

    Four MPs abstained and six more were absent from the vote in the inaugural parliamentary session after January's elections.
    President denounces UN plan
    Boris Tadic, Serbia's pro-Western president, told parliament that Ahtisaari's plan "essentially opens the way for an independent Kosovo, which is a violation of the essential principles of the UN charter, which guarantees inviolability of internationally-recognised states."
    Vojislav Kostunica, the acting prime minister, said the plan "wants to dismember Serbia and grab 15 per cent of its territory".
    Tomislav Nikolic, a leader of the Radical Party - the biggest group in Serbia's new parliament - hailed the parliament's resolution, saying "no one can create a new country on Serbia's territory without Serbia's consent".
    Although it does not specify that Kosovo will be independent, the UN draft envisages internationally supervised self-rule for the southern province, including a flag, anthem, army, constitution and the right to join international organisations.
    Agim Ceku, Kosovo's prime minister, responded to the parliamentary vote by saying that Serbia's views would have no impact on the future status of the province.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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