UK police hunt for serial killer

Police ask prostitutes to get off the streets as five women are found dead.

    Police have intensified patrols in the
    town's red light district

    'Confident killer'


    Reinforcements have been drafted in to help the small Suffolk police force in its largest inquiry.


    A statement from the office of Tony Blair, the British prime minister, said it had been in touch with police to ensure all necessary resources were available.


    Mike Berry, a criminal psychologist, said the killer was an exceptionally cold-blooded and skilful operator.


    "The killer may be confident he will not be caught," he wrote in the Daily Mirror. "He will be fascinated by the coverage of the case ... he will be thinking 'the game is on'."


    A huge police inquiry began on December 2 when the body of Gemma Adams, 25, was found in a stream near Ipswich. Police found 19-year-old Tania Nicol's body in the same stream on December 8.


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