Ukraine offers Easter truce in the east
Government promises not to attack pro-Russian separatists over the weekend even as they continue to occupy buildings.
Pontiff recites prayers about economic hardship, domestic abuse and migrants during torch-lit procession at Colosseum.
Leader of pro-Russian armed groups occupying buildings in eastern Ukraine says he will press ahead with May referendum.
Putin discusses crisis on live television as hundreds gather to protest in deaths during barracks raid in Mariupol.
Former traders at world's largest inter-dealer broker appear in court in connection with interest-rate rigging scandal.
Police take samples from hundreds of male pupils and staff following rape of 16-year-old girl in school in La Rochelle.
Italian court orders former prime minister to do a year of community service, limit his movements and respect a curfew.
Erdogan threatens to "go after" micro-blogging site despite being forced to lift ban on it following court ruling.
German Chancellor impressed by reforms in nation whose economic woes threatened stability of Europe's single currency.
Head of Catholic Church asks for pardon for "evil" committed by priests who molested children.
Country's re-entry into bond markets overwhelmingly welcomed by investors but ordinary citizens remain cautious.
16 Apr 2014 21:01 GMT
A global survey of salaries shows footballers and baseball players are the biggest earners.
08 Apr 2014 18:29 GMT
Pro-Moscow activists in Donetsk have declared a sovereign republic.
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