Russians rally against Moscow role in Ukraine
The rally is the first of its kind since the standoff between Kiev and pro-Russian rebels started last year.
Alexandru Visinescu, 88, due to go on trial for crimes against humanity allegedly committed more than 50 years ago.
Two fighter jets took part in US-led operation that destroyed logistics depot held by rebels, President Hollande says.
Scottish leader to step down after majority of voters chose to stay within United Kingdom in landmark referendum.
Uhuru Kenyatta instructed to attend hearing at the Hague on October 8 over case relating to post-poll violence in 2007.
Inspired by Scotland, regional parliament passes law allowing Catalans to hold non-binding independence poll.
Sarkozy looks to head opposition UMP party in a move that could lead to a 2017 presidential bid.
Gathering in Madrid of ministers from Tobruk government and several nations comes as PM seeks approval for new cabinet.
Healthy British volunteer becomes first person to receive new vaccine for virus in a trial at the University of Oxford.
Authorities say Vladimir Yevtushenkov, one of the richest men in Russia, is being held on charges of money-laundering.
Coalition of 30 countries to help Iraq fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant "by any means necessary".
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Amid the country's political turmoil we ask if Europe's second largest economy is on the brink of another recession.
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Can Spanish self-build legend Santiago Cirugeda turn an abandoned factory into a vibrant cultural centre?
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