EU top court rules obesity a 'disability'
European Court of Justice says obesity can be equated with disability if it interferes with people's professional lives.
Politician claims he was offered at least $2.5m to vote in favour of government's presidential candidate.
Russia leader tries to quell fears of economic collapse and vows rapid recovery from worst financial crisis of his rule.
President Putin faces major economic crisis as massive interest hike fails to kick-start Russia's currency.
Lower EU court throws out Hamas blacklisting on technical grounds, saying ruling does not relate to nature of the group.
EU Parliament adopts resolution supporting Palestinian statehood in principle but stops short of immediate recognition.
Swedish man gets four months in prison for attempting to frame Romanian beggar with iPad theft.
Dramatic increase in interest rate to 17 percent comes as tensions surge with the US over the Ukraine crisis.
Website launched by police urges Swedes to report suspicious behaviour among fellow nationals while travelling abroad.
Hostage freed unharmed after three men are detained in western city of Ghent, reports say.
About 10 people arrested in operation to dismantle network sending would-be fighters to Syria, officials say.
05 Oct 2014 19:21 GMT
Twenty-five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, why is European democracy in flux?
28 Sep 2014 15:32 GMT
A Listening Post special on the 'Snowden effect' and challenges to the media in the age of state supervision.
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