Dozens of residents die in Donetsk fighting
Several neighbourhoods in Ukrainian city hit by artillery fire in last few days as fighting on outskirts intensifies.
WikiLeaks founder says he will leave Ecuador's embassy in London "soon", but gives no further details.
Robbers attack Saudi prince's convoy in Paris, reportedly making off with $335,000 and sensitive documents.
Thirty-five in hospital with "significant health problems" after being found in shipping container east of London.
German magazine says intelligence agency tapped phone conversations of current and former US secretary of states.
Move by Russian leader seen as assurance to the annexed region that it is important to Kremlin.
Kiev fears convoy could be a "Trojan horse" bringing military assistance to pro-Moscow rebels fighting in the east.
At least 11 people injured after a landslide derails three train cars and a carriage on the Swiss Alps.
European Court of Human Rights says UK ban breaches right to free elections that is enshrined in law.
Police arrest men suspected of having fought with rebel groups, in crackdown aimed at deterring further recruitment.
Helicopters and tanker planes used to dump tonnes of water on the worst forest fire in Scandinavia in decades.
17 Jul 2014 15:22 GMT
With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine getting bloodier, fears are increasing that Moldova could be next.
21 Jul 2014 00:56 GMT
Sunday marks the 40th anniversary of the division of Cyprus, hopes of reunification remain dim.
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