War & Conflict

Somalis angry over government's failure to prevent deadly blast

More than 300 people were killed in two bombings on Saturday and hundreds of others injured.

War & Conflict

Peter Galbraith: 'Kurdistan's independence is inevitable'

Peter Galbraith, a former US diplomat and author who is also an adviser to the Kurdish regional government, told Al Jazeera that he believed that Kurdish's independence is inevitable and that the Iraqi government could not prevent it from happening.


Muslims feel 'targeted' as Quebec passes face veil ban

Law requires individuals to uncover their faces when receiving public services, including riding public buses.

Quebec passes controversial face veil ban


Kurds lose vital oil fields after Iraqi forces capture Kirkuk

The oil fields around Kirkuk were the source of billions of dollars of revenue for the Kurdish regional government (KRG).


Google honours scientist behind 'Chandrasekhar limit'

Born 107 years ago to a Tamil family on October 19, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1983.

S Chandrasekhar: Why Google honours him today


'Bury me in the flag': Elderly Catalans speak out

Elderly people remember the dark shadow of Franco as Spain and Catalonia grapple with tensions over secession vote.

'Bury me in the flag': Elderly Catalans speak out


Kenya political crisis deepens in run-up to election

Election board says it cannot guarantee presidential rerun will be free and fair as political parties stage rallies.


US knew of Indonesian anti-communist massacre

Recently released US documents show US government was aware of mass killing of communists in 1965-66 after Suharto coup.

US knew of Indonesian anti-communist massacre


Flooding returns to southern Queensland, Australia

This multi-day deluge has led to overflowing rivers near to and west of Bundaberg.

Flooding returns to southern Queensland, Australia


'Muslim women primary target' of UK hate crime

Muslim women particularly vulnerable of rising racist sentiment say activists and victims, as government releases study.

Hate crimes rise around Brexit vote, recent attacks