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Indian MP force-feeds Muslim man on fast
TV footage shows lawmaker from Hindu nationalist Shiv Sena party shoving bread into Muslim supervisor's mouth.
Outbreak of encephalitis kills 60 people in two weeks in West Bengal state, top health official says.
At least four people have been killed in an attack on a police compound in Kabul.
Leader of right-wing Bodu Bala Sena says Tibetan spiritual leader being influenced by 'Muslim extremists'.
Masked motorcyclists throw acid on the faces of four women who were out Eid shopping in busy Quetta market.
Top private school instructor due in court over alleged rape of six-year-old student in the southern city of Bangalore.
Planes diverted as fighters use bombs and guns to attack heavily guarded international airport.
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Author of bestseller 'The Kite Runner' discusses recent events in Afghanistan, his new novel and why people read books.
17 Jun 2014 22:31 GMTInside Story
Tensions are running high in the Democratic Socialist Republic after the worst acts of religious violence in decades.
Despite opposition to girls education, the man leading Afghanistan's education system insists he is making progress.
What impact does the multi-billion dollar film industry have on women in India?
The Stream
With nearly two thirds of the population under 25, we ask young Afghans about the future of their country.
The Stream
Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh under fire for reported sluggish response to rape problem.
The Stream
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