Gandhi fails to get residency certificate

Ruling Congress leader and Amethi MP Rahul Gandhi denied domicile certificate as he fails to appear in person.

    Gandhi fails to get residency certificate
    The Gandhi family is India's most powerful political family [AP]

    Local officials in Uttar Pradesh state's Amethi district have cancelled the application of the Congress party vice president and member of parliament from the constituency for issuance of a residency permit.

    "The application should have been made by (Rahul) Gandhi himself with his signature, which was not there," District Magistrate Jagatraj Tripathi told the Press Trust of India news agency on Thursday when asked about the cancellation of the application. 

    "The application was made by one Rajendra Singh which is against the law."

    The papers needed with the application were also not there, he added.

    According to laws stipulated by the Election Commission of India, a candidate must apply in person or provide the necessary paperwork along with all essential documents, the district magistrate further explained.

    The ruling Congress party spokesman from Amethi, Rajendra Singh, had applied for the certificate on behalf of Gandhi, who is a two-time MP from here, showing Munshiganj Guest house as temporary address.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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