The FBI agents will join police investigators, already probing the mutiny at the Bangladeshi Rifles (BDR) headquarters in the capital Dhaka.

The mutinous border guards ambushed their superiors, shooting and burying dozens of them in shallow graves.


The Bangladeshi home ministry and the military have also formed separate probe committees to investigate the revolt.

Moni said the FBI team may also meet with members of those two committees.

The government has pledged to form a special tribunal to try those involved, but Shafiq Ahmed, the law minister, said on Sunday that it would require amending the constitution.

"What type of court and under which law the mutiny case will be tried ultimately depends on the investigation reports,'' Ahmed said.

Dozens of civilians also died in the revolt that began early on February 25 and ended after 33 hours when the rebels laid down their arms.

The Bangladeshi government sought technical and forensic assistance from the FBI and Britain's Scotland Yard following the mutiny.

The revolt was apparently sparked by poor pay and work conditions.

Those found guilty could face the death penalty for murder, arson, looting and hostage-taking.