Kashmiris strike over UN inaction

Protests by separatists seeking right to self-determination coincide with UN Day.

    The strike has crippled Srinigar, where Indian
    police arrested separatist leaders on Thursday[EPA]

    Residents and police said the strike was being observed in other towns in the Muslim-majority Kashmir valley.

    In August, tens of thousands of Muslims took to Srinagar's street to demand that the UN recognise the Himalayan region's right to self-determination.

    In the past few months, Indian-administered Kashmir has witnessed the biggest pro-independence demonstrations since clashes erupted in 1989.

    The protests have been met by a tough crackdown by Indian security forces.

    The UN has maintained a presence in the disputed area since 1949 and currently monitors the Line of Control dividing Indian- and Pakistan-controlled Kashmir.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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