The arrest came a day after police detained about a dozen people in connection with another bomb blast in a New Delhi market on Saturday.

Boy killed

Authorities said that they were investigating possible links between the blast and the Indian Mujahideen.

Two men had dropped a plastic bag in the busy Mehrauli market and sped away on a motorcycle before a bomb went off.

A boy picked up the bag and ran after the motorcyclists to return it to them before it exploded, killing him and a 60-year-old man. Another 22 people were wounded.

Another explosion on Monday killed at least one person and injured six others in the western state of Gujarat state.

A district superintendent, said: "Bomb and dog squads have been rushed to the site."

Officials were reported by the Press Trust of India as saying that the "low-intensity blast" which took place in the state's Sabarkantha district, was similar to Saturday's New Delhi blast.