Tribal fighters in Baluchistan, which borders Afghanistan and Iran, are waging an insurgency against Pakistan's government, demanding political autonomy and a greater share of profits from the region's natural resources.

Hundreds of people have died in violence in the province since the insurgency flared in late 2004.

The province has also been hit by attacks that have been blamed on Taliban fighters.

Public 'execution'

Also on Wednesday, in Pakistan's South Waziristan region, Taliban fighters publicly killed three tribesmen accused of a series of murders.

A masked man blindfolded the tribesmen, all brothers, and tied their hands behind their backs before shooting them with a rifle on Wednesday morning in Wana, the main town in South Waziristan.

Around 50 local tribesmen watched the executions in the main Wana bazaar, a local administration official said.

He said that Taliban "arrested" the three men after they killed five people in Wana.

"They were tried by Taliban and found guilty of committing the murders," he added.