Azerbaijan jails former minister

Former health minister is found guilty of bribery, forgery and embezzlement.

    Azerbaijan's president faces threat from the country's secretive elite [AP]
    Talking to journalists at the court, he said: "As about my health, I feel well and have no plans to die, but this regime is capable on anything."

    The court also decided to confiscate property belonging to Insanov worth more than $17 million.


    Farhad Aliyev, a former economy minister, his brother Rafik – former head of the state company Azpetrol - and some other officials arrested along with Insanov are also in prison facing similar charges.


    Political analysts say the biggest threat to Aliyev, the first dynastic leader to emerge in the former Soviet Union, lies within the nation's secretive and fractious elite rather than in a relatively weak political opposition.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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