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Pakistan cleric Qadri ends Islamabad protest
Tahirul Qadri, who has been calling for resignation of PM, says he will now tour cities in a "revolution of the poor".
Information minister says election will be held in January, two years before President Rajapaksa's current term expires.
A week after cyclone Hudhud decimated entire villages, local residents are scraping by without basic staples.
At least four Afghan soldiers killed and dozens, including civilians, injured in blast in Kabul.
Bethlehem Vengthlang FC midfielder Peter Biaksangzuala's somersault after scoring a goal went horribly wrong.
At least 32 people killed after two buses collide in Natore, 220km from capital Dhaka.
PM Modi gets first big electoral boost after coming to power in May with major wins in Maharashtra and Haryana state.
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12 Oct 2014 12:01 GMTViewfinder
Three Indian acid-attack survivors confront the violence committed against them by writing letters to their attackers.
10 Oct 2014 08:05 GMT101 East
With more than six million drug users and rising, can Pakistan win its fight against the billion-dollar narcotics trade?
A young reporter dares to cover press freedom in one of the world's most dangerous places for journalists - Sri Lanka.
Bangladeshi students travel to the UK in hope of a prestigious education only to find the reality is quite different.
As the US draws back its combat forces from Afghanistan, what will they leave behind?
People and Power
Amid Pakistan's latest political power struggle, the country's news channels are fighting a proxy war of their own.
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