New Zealand PM wins third term in office
With most votes counted, John Key's National Party leads with 49 percent as opposition leader concedes defeat.
Prime minister to seek sweeping counterterrorism powers in parliament after authorities claim to have foiled ISIL plot.
Early results indicate incumbent PM Frank Bainimarama's Fiji First Party has secured more than 59 percent of the vote.
Prominent academic Ilham Tohti faces 10 years to life in prison on charges rights activists dismiss as arbitrary.
Jakarta considers seeding clouds to combat fires and pollution from illegal burning of plantations and forest.
More than 400 people break free in country where UN has recommended drug rehabilitation centres be closed.
The wreckage was recovered when it got caught in a net off Baengnyeong island along a disputed sea border.
Carnage dubbed by state media as "China's 9/11" left dozens dead and 140 wounded at Kunming train station in March.
Move to increase tax by 100 percent marks government attempt to reduce one of the world's highest smoking rates.
President Aquino asks legislators to pass law creating government to replace existing autonomous authority in Mindanao.
Beijing told to severely punish those involved and offer compensation after alleged incident near Paracel islands.
29 Aug 2014 07:33 GMT
What drives single mothers in South Korea to abandon their babies?
29 Aug 2014 19:02 GMT
The carrier announces financial losses and job cuts as it strives to recover from two passenger jet disasters.  
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