Castro says US must respect communist system
Cuban leader says his country will not give up its socialist principles as Havana works to restore ties with US.
Suspected shooter reportedly kills himself after shooting two US police officers inside their patrol car.
Pyongyang warns of "serious" consequences if US does not cooperate after FBI accused it of hacking into Sony Pictures.
Aerial strikes in Khyber Agency reported as military intensifies attacks on suspected Pakistani Taliban stronghold.
UN says casualties are expected to exceed 10,000 by end of 2014, making it deadliest year for noncombatants since 2009.
Shift in US domestic politics, collapse in oil prices, and international pressure led to end of Cuba isolation.
Left to their own devices, tens of thousands of Polish women travel abroad to terminate unwanted pregnancies.
Study finds in addition to gender disparity and poverty, natural disasters such as floods increase early marriage.
Rohini Mohan
Marrying non-Jordanian men has put Jordanian women and their children in dangerous and costly situations.
Surviving medical workers developed immunity to the deadly disease and are now caring for abandoned child victims.
A British-born family is the first to lose citizenship in a secret court trial held in their absence.
A small Italian city near Naples is renowned for producing 'the best fake euros in the world'.
Havana residents express relief and joy at historic news that US and Cuba have renewed relations after 54 years.
Fault Lines20 Dec 2014 13:13 GMT
Fault Lines returns to Ferguson to investigate why black communities feel targeted by law enforcement.
Head to Head19 Dec 2014 20:10 GMT
Mehdi Hasan challenges Chinese scholar Dr Zhang Weiwei on whether China can afford Western-style democracy.
Workers in Jordan and Lebanon, who come mainly from South Asian nations, overcome adversity to help themselves.
Mostly children among the 130 dead at Peshawar school after Pakistan Taliban attack.
Demonstrators marched from Freedom Plaza and converged on Capitol Hill as a part of the 'Justice for All' rally.
As Christmas tourists begin to arrive in the city, craftspeople are hoping that a difficult year will end well.
Floods that swept through southern Morocco three weeks ago left at least 32 people killed and 100 houses damaged.
Attack in northwestern city of Peshawar that killed 149 people has turned more people against the Taliban.
Peshmerga say fight for Sinjar mountain is still far from over after breaking siege of the Sunni armed group.
Some directors, including filmmaker of "Interstellar", have opted for analog films despite digital domination.
Organisation at the forefront of the campaign against AIDS is pressed for funds for awareness programmes.
Despite efforts by envoy Stefan de Mistura to broker truce, warring parties are still divided on ceasefire terms.
Obama's decision to re-establish diplomatic ties with Havana gets vocal opposition from Cuban-Americans in Miami.
Peshmerga fighters urge Iraqi army to help protect a corridor from ISIL rebels to free Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar.
Al Jazeera's guide to who's who among the top ranks of the Pakistani Taliban.
For the first time members of Kenya's counter-terrorism police admit to "eliminating" suspected Muslim radicals.
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