A full list of legislators to the rubber stamp 12th Supreme People's Assembly is expected to be released later on Monday.

The body meets only a few times a year to approve bills already vetted by the ruling party Workers' Party.

Assembly elections are largely a formality since candidates are widely believed to be hand-picked by Kim and top party officials. Only one candidate runs in each constituency and defectors say opposing a candidate is unthinkable.


This photo is believed to be of Kim Jong-un aged 11 [Reuters/KBS]
Kim, 67, is believed to have suffered a stroke last August and South Korean reports have said Sunday's election may be a prelude to an announcement on who will take over the leadership.

Some reports have named the North Korean leader's third son, 26-year-old Kim Jong-un, as a possible successor.

Little is known about Jong-un's background or experience, although he is thought to have been named as a candidate in Sunday's election.

Analysts have said his appointment to the people's assembly would be a strong sign that he is poised to inherit power.

He is believed to have been educated at a school in Switzerland which he attended under a pseudonym.

No official photograph of him has ever been released and only one image, said to have been taken of Jong-un when he was aged 11, is in circulation.