Thai police hunt alleged paedophile

Authorities release name of a Canadian man suspected of abusing Asian children.

    Interpol released a picture of the man arriving
    at Thai immigration [AFP]

    Cambodian authorities said they had alerted all border checkpoints of the man's identity in case he tried to cross the border into Cambodia.
    A Canadian embassy spokesman declined to comment.
    'No place to hide'
    Interpol made a global appeal on Monday for help to find the man, wanted for questioning in connection with about 200 internet photos of young boys in Vietnam and Cambodia being abused.
    Interpol did not reveal the man's name.
    Investigators have been looking for him since German police discovered online photographs underage Asian boys being abused three years ago.
    The photographs allegedly show 12 young Vietnamese and Cambodian boys, apparently ranging in age from 6 to early teens, being abused.
    The man's face was initially disguised behind a digitalised swirl, but German police recreated an image of him and released four reconstructed photos last week.
    The Interpol case officer leading the search said there was "no place for him to hide" and called on him to turn himself in.
    "I would like to take this opportunity to ask him to hand  himself in to deal with this matter," Mick Moran, the Interpol case officer, said.
    Moran did not confirm the suspect's identity.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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