New York police shun mayor at funeral
Policemen accusing Mayor De Blasio of anti-police rhetoric turn their backs on him during funeral for slain officer.
Reverend Gorostieta is the third priest killed in Guerrero state this year, as gang violence continues in the region.
Around 300 demonstrators clash with US police after fatal shooting of young black man by white officer near Ferguson.
The Interview, which spurred cyberattack on studio's corporate network, made available online before release in cinemas.
At least 21 injured and 33 arrested as protesters opposing the construction of a shipping canal clash with police.
Treaty sets global standards for cross-border transfers of weapons ranging from firearms to tanks and helicopters.
Annual growth rate of 5 percent in third quarter is driven largely by consumer spending and investment in business.
Chinese-backed $50bn project aims to rival Panama's waterway and revitalise second-poorest economy in the Americas.
Ape's lawyer says ruling that animal entitled to some rights enjoyed by humans could pave the way for greater freedom.
Florence Duperval Guillaume's temporary appointment comes after weeks of violent protests against delayed elections.
Cuban leader says his country will not give up its socialist principles as Havana works to restore ties with US.
28 Sep 2014 15:32 GMT
A Listening Post special on the 'Snowden effect' and challenges to the media in the age of state supervision.
28 Sep 2014 10:08 GMT
New technology could transport passengers from London to New York in less than two hours.
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