Boehner slams Obama over immigration reforms
House speaker says US leader is "damaging the presidency itself" by making "unilateral" changes to immigration policies.
US vice president holds talks in Kiev a year on from Maidan protests, as Russia is accused of cross-border shelling.
Protesters angered by the presumed massacre of 43 students take to the streets for another day of demonstrations.
Rebel group and government announce agreement on terms for release of five people whose capture had halted peace talks.
Move by NBC and TV Land follows allegations by a string of women that US stand-up comedian sexually assaulted them.
Three people wounded in shooting at Florida State University, triggering an alert urging people to take shelter.
State ordered to pay money to 30 former inmates held on a remote island during Pinochet military government.
Council statement follows a UN report estimating ISIL's daily revenue from crude oil could be as much as $1.645m.
Resolution linking alleged crimes against humanity to state policies passed by General Assembly panel in symbolic move.
Bill that would have approved construction of pipeline to bring crude oil from Canada defeated by one vote.
Felix Baez is the first to contract virus, out of 165-member medical team deployed by island nation to Sierra Leone.
28 Sep 2014 15:32 GMT
A Listening Post special on the 'Snowden effect' and challenges to the media in the age of state supervision.
28 Sep 2014 10:08 GMT
New technology could transport passengers from London to New York in less than two hours.
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