Relatives of victims of the nightclub fire in Brazil that killed 242 people have occupied the city council chambers of the city where the tragedy struck.

They were demanding a new investigation into the southern city of Santa Maria's responsibility for the fire, which happened on January 27 this year at the Kiss nightclub.

Marcelo Dalla Corte, secretary-general of the city council of Santa Maria said on Thursday that about 100 family members and friends of the victims peacefully occupied the building earlier in the week.

He said the occupation took place after two city council members were heard saying the current investigation "would result in nothing".

The deadly fire shocked the country, which held three days of national mourning after the blaze.

Initial reports indicated that the club had been overcrowded and that it had only had one exit door.

Authorities also said that many of those who died were between 16 and 20 years old, and were reportedly allowed inside the club even though they were underage.

In April two nightclub owners and two members of a band who had been playing in the club were charged with manslaughter.

The protesters said they will not leave until a new investigation committee is named to look in to the culpability of the city council.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies