Russia accused of lies over troops in Ukraine
US says that Russia "outright lied" over its military presence in Ukraine, after Nato releases photographic evidence.
US blames Nusra Front fighters for capture of 43 Fijians serving in UN observer force in Israeli-occupied area.
US president says military options considered but "we don't have a strategy yet", as evidence emerges of IS atrocities.
Military offers to mediate as guarantor in dispute between PM Nawaz Sharif and opposition leader Imran Khan.
Google says it wants to create of sophisticated airborne drones to deliver packages to customers.
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People & Power28 Aug 2014 09:30 GMT
People and Power investigates the effects of China's increasing influence in Africa.
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An orphan's journey back to Bosnia after 20 years in search of answers and an understanding of his long lost family.
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