Houthis tighten grip on Yemen capital
Rebels strengthen positions in Sanaa, celebrating their advance, while continuing to raid their rivals' buildings.
Kurdish forces engage in clashes with ISIL fighters near city of Kobane, as more than 130,000 Kurds have fled to Turkey.
Ashraf Ghani calls power sharing pact with rival Abdullah Abdullah a "big victory" for Afghan nation.
Advisers to the UN World Health Organisation says there should be no general ban in travel or trade.
Both sides begin to withdraw from frontline buffer zone, says Ukraine's military, following earlier truce.
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The Nigerian musician - son of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti - on what inspires and frustrates him about his country today.
Listening Post21 Sep 2014 11:26 GMT
An interview with Nick Davies, the reporter who exposed the British phone hacking scandal.
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