'Propaganda' campaign

"[Bush] has, both personally and acting through his agents and sub-ordinates together with the vice-president [Dick Cheney], illegally spent public dollars on a secret propaganda campaign to manufacture a false cause for war against Iraq," Kucinich said in congress.

"The department of defence has engaged in a year-long secret domestic propaganda campaign to promote the invasion and the occupation of Iraq."

Bush violated his oath of office in leading the country to war in 2003, Kucinich said.

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat congress speaker, has previously said that any attempts to impeach Bush were "off the table" and the party was "not about getting even" over previous alleged unfair treatment at the hands of the Republican party.
Kucinich has tried before to impeach members of the Bush administration.

Last year, he introduced a resolution to have Dick Cheney, US vice-president, removed from office.

Republicans were forced to vote in favour of taking up the measure to force a debate, where the resolution was eventually killed.